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Paizo Blog Summary for October 6

I don’t know about where you live, but around here it’s getting cooler and wetter. Never a great combination, but a perfect excuse to curl up with a mug of something hot and read the Paizo blog. Feel free to curl up with a mug of something ice cold, as required. Big news for fans of the The Silverhex Chronicles Quests on Monday: they have been released for to the public for free! Now every GM has a series of […]

Paizo Blog Summary for August 25

Welcome, Pathfinders! Another week, another summary. As you might expect the week after Gen Con, pickings were light on the blog. Let’s dive in! Wednesday brought a preview chapter from the upcoming Pathfinder Tales novel Reign of Stars, by Tim Pratt. The novel sees the return of Pratt’s characters Alaeron and Skiver as they take on an investigation for the Technic League. This novel should tie in nicely with the Year of the Sky Key for PFS, and provide a […]