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Paizo Blog Summary for October 28

Late? Me? No. No, no, no. Yes. In my defence, I got sick immediately after completing the 24-hour gaming challenge that was Extra Life 2014 (you can still donate by the way). But that’s not really an excuse, so let’s get right to it. On Monday John Compton talked some details regarding Quest submissions, and gave some great advice regarding future submissions. Worth a read if you are in any way planning to write for Paizo. Tuesday saw another in […]

Paizo Blog Summary for October 13

I’m luxuriating at home this Monday, enjoying Canadian Thanksgiving and the long-weekend it grants me. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you, gentle Pathfinders, or the Paizo blog. No, modern technology means I can post this and sleep in. Truly we live in a Golden Age. With last week’s release of The Silverhex Chronicles Quests, Monday saw John Compton reminding us all about the Open Call for quest submissions. If you’ve ever wanted to write for Paizo, this is one […]

Paizo Blog Summary for September 8

Good morning, Pathfinders! As I write this, it’s all ready snowing where I live, making for a grey, cold morning. Let’s pull a chair up to the Paizo Blog and get warm, shall we? As Monday was a holiday, Tuesday brought the first blog post of the week, a round-up of resources for the Iron Gods Adventure Path. Definitely worth a read if you plan to play or GM that AP (which I am; my steel breaker brawler will go […]

Paizo Blog Summary for September 1

September already, Pathfinders. You know what that means, we start the slow slide into winter. Luckily you’ll have these Paizo blog summaries to keep you warm. Let’s begin: Monday started with a little PFS catch-up from John Compton, regarding the sanctioning of the Emerald Spire and The Mummy’s Mask. As well, he presented an important piece of art which was missed from a scenario; very important to the current season. Touted as a perfect companion to your Iron Gods campaign, […]