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From the Field: Themed PFS Game Days

An entire day or two devoted to Pathfinder Society can serve a number of functions in your area. You can use Game Days to immerse new players in the Society; as a special event, possibly launched by the playing of one of the Specials; or as a way to catch some players up on scenarios they’ve been wanting to play, but haven’t made it onto the schedule at your regular events. Whatever the reason you run a PFS Game Day, […]

Pathfinder Society – Season Four Summary

A Chronicle of the Pathfinder Society’s exploits during the adventuring season from the First of Arodus in the year 4712 (by Absalom Reckoning), through the Thirtieth of Erastus, 4713 A.R., prepared by Chronicler Thaddeus Lamplighter, Pathfinder. [This is a player-friendly, spoiler-free summary of the events which occurred during Season Four, the so-called “Year of the Waking Rune”. ] The ancient empire of Thassilon once stretched across much of western Avistan, encompassing the area of modern-day Varisia as well as land which is […]

Know Your Nations: Osirion

Greetings lovely Pathfinders! Lady Ophelia here, sharing with you my wisdom and knowledge about the many realms of Golarion, and how they affect you the Pathfinder who may be going into these lands! Our next country on the lineup is Osirion, known as the “Land of The Pharoahs”! History and Geography: The history of Osirion dates all the way back before the Earthfall. (When stuff fell from the sky and landed in modern day Numeria.) Pharaohs ruled as gods on […]

Paizo Blog Summary for September 22

Welcome, Pathfinders! I hope your weekend was full of gaming goodness, and your characters survived whatever the GMs threw at them. Let’s get to the Paizo Blog, shall we? It seems The Year of the Sky Key has generated a lot of questions, so on Monday John Compton took time to answer some of them. If you’ve been struggling to make sense of how the new factions work or how to use the Advanced Class Guide, or if you just […]

Paizo Blog Summary for September 15

Gather around, Pathfinders! Another week has passed on the Paizo Blog, and that means another summary. I hope you all find these summaries useful. I know I enjoy doing them, it helps me catch things I might have missed during the week. John Compton got our Monday started with some important sanctioning news: the final volumes of the Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path are sanctioned for PFS play. If you’ve been waiting to complete your character’s ‘vacation’ in the Osirion desert, […]

Know Your Nations: City at the Center of the World, Part Three

We continue our Know Your Nations lecture about Absalom Proper. After 10 minutes pass like sand through an hourglass, a chime brings the room naturally back to their seats and Ophelia returns to her place at the podium.  “Hello again Pathfinders. I am pleased to see all of you sharing your notes and hopefully adding a few additional notes of your own. However we are not quite done, so if you would turn to page 33, we will continue the […]

Paizo Blog Summary for August 18

As I put this post together, it is 5:30am on the Monday after Gen Con. Whew! What a great weekend, so much gaming goodness. I’ll post my own recap later in the week, but for now let’s dive in to the Paizo blog summary. Not surprisingly, most of it involves Gen Con… But first we start with Monday‘s announcement of the Season 6.0 Guide to Organized Play. Some pretty important changes to note, so if you don’t read the Guide […]

Paizo Blog Summary for August 12

I’m on the road to Gen Con, which is why the summary is coming to you a day later than normal. Who knew getting reliable internet coverage on a Greyhound bus travelling through northern Ontario would be a problem? Anyway, the delay has allowed us to add a bit of a bonus at the end, so it’s all good. Jumping ahead to Tuesday (see, we aren’t the only ones who had a problem with Monday), We saw the last of […]

The GM’s Path: Why Should You GM?

Recently in my region, I had a lack of PFS Game Masters. We were still getting tables put together, but it was always the same small group of folks stepping up to run tables. As much as we all love GMing, myself included, it is easy to get burned out if you go too long. To avoid losing the GMs we had, we needed to find players willing to step up to a new role. As part of that search, […]