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Paizo Blog Summary for September 22

Welcome, Pathfinders! I hope your weekend was full of gaming goodness, and your characters survived whatever the GMs threw at them. Let’s get to the Paizo Blog, shall we? It seems The Year of the Sky Key has generated a lot of questions, so on Monday John Compton took time to answer some of them. If you’ve been struggling to make sense of how the new factions work or how to use the Advanced Class Guide, or if you just […]

Paizo Blog Summary for September 8

Good morning, Pathfinders! As I write this, it’s all ready snowing where I live, making for a grey, cold morning. Let’s pull a chair up to the Paizo Blog and get warm, shall we? As Monday was a holiday, Tuesday brought the first blog post of the week, a round-up of resources for the Iron Gods Adventure Path. Definitely worth a read if you plan to play or GM that AP (which I am; my steel breaker brawler will go […]

Paizo Blog Summary for September 1

September already, Pathfinders. You know what that means, we start the slow slide into winter. Luckily you’ll have these Paizo blog summaries to keep you warm. Let’s begin: Monday started with a little PFS catch-up from John Compton, regarding the sanctioning of the Emerald Spire and The Mummy’s Mask. As well, he presented an important piece of art which was missed from a scenario; very important to the current season. Touted as a perfect companion to your Iron Gods campaign, […]

Paizo Blog Summary for August 4

Greetings, Pathfinders! As Gen Con (or as I call it, Gamer Christmas) draws ever closer, how are you preparing for the convention? Will you attend, or are you going to experience Gen Con through our friends over at Know Direction? Either way, tell us you’re getting ready for the con. Let’s see what was cooking on the Paizo Blog last week. Monday brought very important missives from the new faction heads for Pathfinder Society play. If you haven’t yet, you […]

Paizo Blog Summary for July 21

Welcome, Pathfinders! Another week closer to Gen Con, another Paizo Blog summary. Let’s get stuck in. In case you thought the faction changes were the biggest Organized Play news, Monday proved you wrong with the announcement of new races (kitsune, nagaji, and wayang) being added to PFS, and old races (aasimar and tiefling) hitting the showers. Needless to say there is a bit of controversy among the membership over the decision. I definitely fall on the side of liking the change; […]

Boxed Text: The Weekly Paizo Blog Summary

Another week, more Boxed Text! Let’s dive right in… As we discussed in our look at Know Direction’s PFS episode, factions are changing in Season 6. Monday‘s post form Mike Brock gave us more details on this change, with a look at two factions: Andoran and Cheliax. Both factions have found reason to split from their respective nations, but their reasons couldn’t be more different. With characters in both factions, I’m looking forward to where this takes them as the […]