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Paizo Blog Summary for September 15

Gather around, Pathfinders! Another week has passed on the Paizo Blog, and that means another summary. I hope you all find these summaries useful. I know I enjoy doing them, it helps me catch things I might have missed during the week. John Compton got our Monday started with some important sanctioning news: the final volumes of the Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path are sanctioned for PFS play. If you’ve been waiting to complete your character’s ‘vacation’ in the Osirion desert, […]

From the Field: Know Direction Episode 87 Highlights

It’s no secret the staff here at PathfinderSociety.net are huge fans of the Know Direction podcast. If you love Pathfinder I highly encourage you to click the link and let the dulcet tones of Ryan Costello Jr. and Jefferson ‘Perram’ Thacker wash over you. They seem to like us a bunch, too; since we started up our little project they’ve supported us with numerous shout-outs on the show. Last week’s episode (#87 for those keeping track at home), featuring an […]