State of the Blog and Moving Forward

Things have been quiet around the blog lately, no question. A bunch of us around here have been dealing with big, sometimes annoying but sometimes not, life stuff. If you’ve dealt with life stuff, you know how time consuming it can be.

The good news, for you and for us, is that the life stuff seems to have settled. We are ready to get back to the business of blog posts, so expect to see those regularly starting next Monday. We have a full slate of season summaries, location spotlights, and new GM advice coming your way, sprinkled with the usual Paizo blog summaries and product reviews. As well, our last tech article was so popular, I think you’ll definitely get more of those.

So give us some time to build the buffer back up, and tune in Monday to get your regular fix of Pathfinder Society goodness. We’re excited to get back to it!

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