Paizo Blog Summary for September 22

Welcome, Pathfinders! I hope your weekend was full of gaming goodness, and your characters survived whatever the GMs threw at them. Let’s get to the Paizo Blog, shall we?

It seems The Year of the Sky Key has generated a lot of questions, so on Monday John Compton took time to answer some of them. If you’ve been struggling to make sense of how the new factions work or how to use the Advanced Class Guide, or if you just want some clarity, give it a read. PFS GMs should definitely be familiar with it, it may save you a lot of grief at the table.

Tuesday saw some pretty sweet art from the Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path, as they go through the AP to choose Community Use pieces. I hope everything they show makes it in, but in the meantime, enjoy the River of Souls desktop.

The third instalment of Stephanie Lorée’s Armored went up Wednesday, and again, I can’t say much without spoiling it. What I will say is, I didn’t see the end coming when I started reading it, and I’m even more intrigued to see what the final chapter will bring. I’m also interested in setting my next home game in that area; I’d love to use the Blackjackets in a game.

Thursday‘s post touched on an often overlooked region, the Hold of Belkzen. With all the other cool stuff happening in Paizo’s current adventure paths and modules, it can be easy to forget the simple coolness of orcs and other monstrous humanoids. This article is a great jumping-off point to find information on this brutal area of Golarion, and get ready for your next big orc fight.

Erik Mona was under the weather, so there was no Miniatures news on Friday. But we did get the three winners in the Cosplay Contest. Congratulations to Carly, Dustin, and Levi for their incredible costumes and their wins.

And that’s it, another week summed up. What did you think of the blog this week? Leave us a comment below.

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