Paizo Blog Summary for September 15

Gather around, Pathfinders! Another week has passed on the Paizo Blog, and that means another summary. I hope you all find these summaries useful. I know I enjoy doing them, it helps me catch things I might have missed during the week.

John Compton got our Monday started with some important sanctioning news: the final volumes of the Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path are sanctioned for PFS play. If you’ve been waiting to complete your character’s ‘vacation’ in the Osirion desert, wait no longer. John also mentioned the other works still in progress, so check the post for the complete list.

Mark Moreland gave us a little taste of what waits beyond the grave on Tuesday, with his teaser post for Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Undead Unleashed! Released to subscribers already and available at the end of the month for everyone else, this is the book you need to instill a little terror back in your game. Looks like some longtime heavy hitters will be featured in the book, so this could be the start of many undead-themed campaigns. I, for one, welcome our new undead overlords…

Wednesday brought part two of Stephanie Lorée’s Armored. Since there is nothing I can tell you about this week’s installment which wouldn’t constitute a major spoiler, I will tell you simply to jump in and get reading. Like all the free fiction posted on the blog, it gives you a perfect little taste of Golarion, a good bit of flavour to add to your game.

Another day, another preview! Thursday gave us a sneak peak at

On Friday we got a look at the digital sculpts for Iconic Heroes Two, set for release in February 2015. I’m eager to see how closely the actual sculpts and paints come to these, because the digital sculpts look dynamic and colorful. I’m oddly pleased to see Harsk’s badger animal companion, since it means I can retire the Celestial Badger figs I was using from a certain previous set of minis.

And that was the week, Pathfinders. Let us know in the comments what you found useful, what you’re looking forward to, or if you’re ‘meh’. Until next week, may TPKs happen to the other table.

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