Paizo Blog Summary for October 28

Late? Me? No. No, no, no. Yes. In my defence, I got sick immediately after completing the 24-hour gaming challenge that was Extra Life 2014 (you can still donate by the way). But that’s not really an excuse, so let’s get right to it.

On Monday John Compton talked some details regarding Quest submissions, and gave some great advice regarding future submissions. Worth a read if you are in any way planning to write for Paizo.

Tuesday saw another in a long-delayed Pathfinder Card Game post. I admit it, I missed the Obligatory Shark Section. And I loved Tanis’ explanation of the weird love triangle developing in the game Read it, I couldn’t explain it properly if I tried). And I look forward to facing off against the werecrocodile (There! There crocodile!).

Dylan Birtolo gave us another chapter of A Knightly Mission on Wednesday. If you aren’t reading it yet, jump on board. I love it so far, and this week’s instalment shows that sometimes a knight’s best weapon is a good Bluff check.

Thursday brought a bit of a puzzle to the Pathfinders. Did you figure it out?

On Friday we got an early peak at the digital sculpts for three of the figures in Iconic Heroes Set #3Not only do these sculpts look damn good, but apparently we’ll get special PACG cards to go along with the figures in the set. New iconics all around!

And that’s the summary for last week. See anything you like or don’t like? Talk about it in the comments below. Next week, on time and everything.

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