Paizo Blog Summary for October 20

It was a short posting week on the Paizo Blog, so this will be a short summary. But don’t worry, I’ve found some other tidbits of interest to a growing Pathfinder.

On Tuesday, John Compton released the “Pathfinder Tales, Volume 5” Boon for PFS. If you devour the Pathfinder Tales novels like I do, this is a fantastic way to get some cool little bits of flavor for your characters. And the best part? Read every novel associated with the boon and you can maybe gain that cool effect permanently. Check out the boon for details!

Wednesday brought us the next chapter in Dylan Birtolo’s A Knightly Mission, wherein a clever and dangerous plan is hatched (the best kind). What would tabletop gaming be without the plans which cover you either in glory or grave dirt? Give it a read, it’s been a delightful tale so far.

We were given a peak inside the Monster Codex on Thursday, a book I’ve been eagerly anticipating. As a harried GM, never with as much prep time as I want, this book promises to be a solid part of my preparation arsenal. If the barbarian simple class template previewed in the article is any indication, this book will be a well worn piece of my gaming library. Plus I’m a sucker for good monster art, and it looks like this book will have a plethora.

As I said, a short week on the Paizo Blog. But I do have a few other bits and bobs to pass along…

A reminder that the Great Golem Sale ends November 2, so you have a few weeks before all the deals are gone. Seriously, if you don’t jump on Pathfinder Modules for $1 you are a fool, a foolish fool!

In super cool news, Mike Brock announced today that India and Argentina have their first Venture-Captains! Welcome to the ranks, Rajmahendra Hegde and Fernando Bassini!

Okay, Pathfinders, we’ll see you next week. Until then, roll well, roll often.

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