Paizo Blog Summary for October 13

I’m luxuriating at home this Monday, enjoying Canadian Thanksgiving and the long-weekend it grants me. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you, gentle Pathfinders, or the Paizo blog. No, modern technology means I can post this and sleep in. Truly we live in a Golden Age.

With last week’s release of The Silverhex Chronicles Quests, Monday saw John Compton reminding us all about the Open Call for quest submissions. If you’ve ever wanted to write for Paizo, this is one way to get yourself in the door. And even if your quest isn’t accepted you’ll get some valuable feedback to make your next submission better.

On Tuesday Tanis gave us a look at her first-hand experience with the PACG, as they took a field trip to Uncle’s Games. I’m always interested in how designers and developers interact with their games ‘in the wild’. And I have to admit, the possibility that I might end up playing across from Paizo staffers some random game night is a big incentive to move to the Seattle area. If only they had better weather.

Another Wednesday, another new Pathfinder Tales! This week saw the first installment in Dylan Birtolo’s A Knightly Mission. Pretty standard story: girl hunts elk, girl is attacked by wolves, girl finds body…okay, so not standard at all. And I’m happy to see a story set in the Fangwood, an area in which I’ve long wanted to set a campaign. (You may have noticed, there are many areas of Golarion I want to set a campaign. I’m a GM, it’s an occupational hazard.)

On Thursday we got a sneak peak at Ships of the Inner Sea, which I know will be of interest to a certain Pirate Queen in our VO ranks. This looks like a gorgeous book, and while it will be of particular use to GMs running the Skull & Shackles AP I think other GMs will get just as much use from it. Who knows when your party might travel by sea; why not make the trip more interesting? By interesting, of course, I mean ‘sphincter-clenching terrifying’…

Friday, Erik Mona gave us another miniatures update while he was taking in the New York City Comic-con. More Iconics (Seelah and Sajan), an updated snow leopard animal companion, and a picture of the NECA display at NYCC made this a miniature-lover’s post. I could have wished the sweet white dragon figure could have been more in-frame, but hey, it’s not like I’m not getting it.

And that’s another week summed up. Anything you liked or disliked on the Paizo Blog this week? Talk to us about it in the comments below.

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