Paizo Blog Summary for October 1

Welcome, Pathfinders! Sorry this is going up late; con crud claimed another victim Monday. The important thing is, we’re both here and feeling better. Let’s begin!

Monday saw the long-awaited announcement of the first of the post-Gen Con scenarios, due out…today! #6-04 takes high-level characters for another  Osirian romp (did you read Lady Olivia’s post on Osiria, by the way?), while #6-05 revisits a theme from the beginning of Organized Play. And if you were one of the players afraid this season would become ‘Robot of the Month’, there’s not a beeping piece of technology in site as far as the descriptions go. Who knows what awaits inside the scenarios, of course…

Looks like Tuesdays on the blog are going to be all about the Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild, for those of you seeking a regular update on our newest Organized Play cousin. Tanis O’Conner gave us a sneak peak at a new card, as well as a bit of a look at how sharks are going to figure in the first few scenarios. I haven’t had a chance to play the card game yet, but I’m looking forward to trying out the Guild to get a taste.

Wednesday saw the satisfying final chapter in Stephanie Lorée’s Armored, and if you’ve been waiting for it before reading, get going. I keep hoping some enterprising Pathfinder will turn some of these stories into short films on YouTube, and if it happens I hope Armored is one of the first. Great characters, a story touching and thrilling at the same time, with plenty of action for those who like their fantasy a bit bloody.

I have been on the hunt for a nerdy pair of mittens, to go with my Fourth Doctor scarf and my Firefly knit hat. Thursday‘s post delivered, with a picture and pattern for a pair of Iron God’s themed mitts to keep out the cold. Now, I just have to find a skilled crafter to make me a pair.

Since he was out sick last week, Erik Mona brought us double the amount of Pathfinder Battles previews on Friday. All the sculpts presented are good utility minis, but I’m particularly happy to see the boggards. Especially the leaping boggard, which I think is going to get a lot of comments at the table.

Okay, better late than never. I promise we’ll be back again on Monday this time, and I may even throw in an extra post over the weekend as penance. Until then, may your dice roll true, Pathfinders!

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