Paizo Blog Summary for December 9

Another light week on the Paizo Blog, but ’tis the Season and all that. Paizo is busy wrapping things up before the start of 2015, so blogging is understandably taking a lower priority. Still, there were a few things, including an important post yesterday, so let’s get started.

Last Monday, John Compton checked in with us on the recently closed Occult Adventures play-test. By everything I’ve heard the play-test was a success; I know there were a number of players in my area who took part. If you took part in the play-test, John has asked for additional feedback on the play-test Chronicle and how it worked for you. You can put your answers in the comments below his post.

Jump-cut to Friday. Erik Mona gave us a special run down on Pathfinder promo minis available in the Paizo store, while supplies last. The goblin minis are a no-brainer because you can never have too many gobbos, but I’m definitely picking up a hellfire wisp or three. It fits nicely into my plans for my home campaign, as well as being just creepy and cool.

Another jump-cut to yesterday, when John Compton announced the long-awaited sanctioning of Pathfinder Module: Wardens of the Reborn Forge for PFS play! Exciting news, made excitinger (it’s a word, who’s the editor here, me or you?) by the reveal that the module can be played as an alternate Seeker Arc. Yes, you heard correctly. On behalf of everyone here at, I just want to say a huge thank-you to John and everyone involved in getting this sanctioned, and for the additional Seeker surprise. Great work!

That’s it for the summary. But a reminder to everyone reading: if you are interested in writing for the blog you can send ideas or completed articles on ideas of interest to the PFS community here. I read everything that comes in, and I’m happy to talk article ideas with you.

Until next week, Pathfinders, just remember: Only YOU can stop murder hobos.

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