From the Field: Themed PFS Game Days

An entire day or two devoted to Pathfinder Society can serve a number of functions in your area. You can use Game Days to immerse new players in the Society; as a special event, possibly launched by the playing of one of the Specials; or as a way to catch some players up on scenarios they’ve been wanting to play, but haven’t made it onto the schedule at your regular events.

Whatever the reason you run a PFS Game Day, consider making the event themed. There are many ways to do this. The two most obvious are to take all the scenarios from a particular season (“Tian Xia Express” with all the scenarios pulled from Season 3), or to run sets of multi-part scenarios (The Devil We Know, Parts 1-4). But it’s possible to create a variety of different themed events, simply by grouping scenarios by some common element: location, antagonist, creatures encountered, and so on.

Below I’ve created five themed lists of scenarios that could be used to fill out the roster on a Game Day or Weekend, or to add something special to you convention line-up. None of my lists are exhaustive and you should feel free to add or remove scenarios to fit your event. There are also many other themes I could have chosen: scenarios set in Kaer Maga, scenarios facing off against the Aspis Consortium, or scenarios featuring Grandmaster Torch are all good themes you could develop lists for yourself.

Two things to note about these lists. One, I did not include any multi-part scenarios on my lists, since as I mentioned earlier they could be used as a theme unto themselves. And two, I tended to stay away from scenarios which tied really close to a season’s story arch. There are some exceptions to that last point, but not many. I really wanted to highlight ways in which the stand-alone scenarios could be linked.

Weekend at the Museum – Mostly centered on the Blakros Museum, this list also pulls from other museum-like locations, as well as scenarios with ties to the Blakros family.

  • #0-5 Mists of Mwangi (Tier 1-5)
  • #1-35 Voice in the Void (Tier 1-7)
  • #2-11 The Penumbral Accords (Tier 1-5)
  • #3-07 Echoes of the Overwatched (Tier 1-5)
  • #4-09 The Blakros Matrimony (Tier 3-7)
  • #5-14 Day of the Demon (Tier 3-7)
  • #6-02 The Silver Mount Collection (Tier 3-7)

Absalom Tourist Bureau – Beyond choosing scenarios set in Absalom, I focused on scenarios which take the players to interesting locations in Absalom. A great way to introduce The City at the Center of the World to your PFS players.

  • #0-1 Silent Tide (Tier 1-5)
  • #0-6 Black Waters (Tier 1-5)
  • #0-8 Slave Pits of Absalom (Tier 1-5)
  • #1-40 Hall of Drunken Heroes (Tier 7-11)
  • #1-45 Delirium’s Tangle (Tier 1-5)
  • #2-04 Shadows Fall on Absalom (7-11)
  • #3-02 Sewer Dragons of Absalom (Tier 3-7)
  • #3-06 Song of the Sea Witch (Tier 3-7)
  • #3-18 The God’s Market Gamble (Tier 1-5)
  • #3-24 The Golden Serpent (Tier 5-9)
  • #4-18 The Veteran’s Vault (Tier 1-5)

Off the Beaten Path – Some of the strange and exotic locations the Pathfinders have been sent in Golarion. Given the number of higher tier scenarios, a good theme to use as a treat for your regular players.

  • #0-16 To Scale the Dragon (Tier 5-9)
  • #1-33 Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible (Tier 1-5)
  • #1-47 The Darkest Vengeance (Tier 1-5)
  • #2-08 The Sarkorian Prophecy (Tier 7-11)
  • #2-16 The Flesh Collector (Tier 7-11)
  • #2-25 You Only Die Twice (Tier 5-9)
  • #3-08 Among the Gods (Tier 3-7)
  • #3-15 The Haunting of Hinojai (Tier 5-9)
  • #3-19 The Icebound Outpost (Tier 1-5)
  • #3-25 Storming the Diamond Gate (3-7)
  • #3-26 Portal of the Sacred Rune (Tier 7-11)
  • #4-02 In Wrath’s Shadow (Tier 3-7)
  • #4-16 The Fabric of Reality (Tier 5-9)

Fun in the Sun – I used Qadira as the location for this theme, but it would be just as easy to use Osirion. Consider serving Middle Eastern/North African foods at the event, to really immerse the players in the environment.

  • #0-3 Murder on the Silken Caravan (Tier 1-5)
  • #0-27 Our Lady of Silver (Tier 5-9)
  • #1-39 The Citadel of Flame (Tier 1-5)
  • #2-18 The Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor (Tier 7-11)
  • #3-03 The Ghenett Manor Gauntlet (Tier 5-9)
  • #5-21 The Merchant’s Wake (Tier 1-5)

Sailing, Sailing! – Not everything that happens to Pathfinders happens entirely on dry land. Consider running these alongside the sanctioned material from the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path.

  • #0-2 The Hydra’s Fang Incident (Tier 1-5)
  • #0-20 King Xeros of Old Azlant (Tier 7-11)
  • #1-31 Sniper in the Deep (Tier 5-9)
  • #1-38 No Plunder, No Pay (Tier 7-11)
  • #2-13 Murder on the Throaty Mermaid (Tier 1-5)
  • #5-01 The Glass River Rescue (Tier 1-5)

What are your ideas for a themed PFS Game Day?  What themes would you like to see a list for? Give us your list in the comments below.

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