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1530780_origYou might wonder who would be crazy enough to take up the task of creating and running a website like this. Pathfinders, of course! Some us are (or were) Venture-Officers, others are just excited about Pathfinder Society Organized Play. It’s a lot of work, but as the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” So here are the hands making light work of Pathfinder

Our Web Team:

Chris Mullican (Site Administrator, Web Developer) is a techie at heart, with a passion for collecting unique dice and souls (blame it on his ginger heritage). With no Organized Play in his area Chris kickstarted PFS and grew the community to the point of warrenting a Venture-Lieutenant for his area. He has been running and playing 3.5/Pathfinder since 2005.

Lucas Servideo (VL Massachusetts—North Shore, Graphic Design) is a former Graphic Designer with a love for RPGs. Lucas began role-playing on a football trip over 30 years ago and he hasn’t stopped. He is the father of 3 children who all are into role-playing. He began his path as a Venture Officer 2 years ago and is still going strong.

Our Blog Team:

Brent Jans (VC Edmonton (Canada), Blog Manager) is the most junior of editors for On Spec Magazine and a lifelong, unapologetic sci-fi and fantasy geek. He’s that guy you know who re-reads The Lord of the Rings every year, yes, including The Silmarillion. When not copyediting, proofing, or dipping his toe into the slush pile for On Spec, he freelances as an editor for independent game publishers (such as Mystic Ages Publishing’s Foreign Element RPG). A gaming nerd for over three decades, Brent fell in love with Pathfinder, and then PFS, back in 2010. It’s been a tempestuous affair ever since.

Andrew “Andy” Christian (VL Minnesota—Anoka, Blog Team) has grown up and lived a fairly eclectic set of lifestyles. Both parents were outdoorsy folk, and so camping and canoeing (both activities Andy still loves to do, but doesn’t find enough time for) were part and parcel of many family vacations. He was both a jock (soccer, cross country, wrestling, track, and tae kwon do) and nerd in high school and still exhibits both tendencies today with an avid love of both tabletop RPGs and NFL football (Go Browns!). Additionally, he was awarded a black belt in American Karate–a modification of Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do (a.k.a. Tang Soo Do or Korean Karate)–by the National Karate schools of Minnesota. On a less secular topic, he has trained several years as a Peruvian/Incan shaman and is currently working within those ideals and how they fit into his every day life. He is a husband, jock, nerd, gamer, shaman, nascent comic, parent of 3 furry (cats) children, and generally an all around nice, upstanding guy.

Andrew Hoskins (VC Pennsylvania—Pittsburgh, Blog Team) has been playing the 3.0+ edition of the worlds most popular role playing game since its initial release, and is quite familiar with several other tabletop RPG products. He first got introduced to Pathfinder Society at the Winter War gaming convention in Champaign, Illinois in 2012 and it has been his primary game of choice ever since. He has recently started creating 3D terrain using polystyrene, enjoys cooking and eating desserts, and has his very own collection of naturally shed cat whiskers.

Brian Darnell (VL California—Los Angeles (Inland Empire, Blog Team) has been gaming for over 20 years. Pathfinder has been the center of his life since Paizo started releasing 3.5 supplements. When playing he prefers characters with much more behind them than stats. Personality is what defines Brian’s gaming style, whether playing or GMing. You will hear Brian before you see him as his enthusiasm is obvious in his over the top PCs and NPCs. When not gaming he is out shooting nature photography, biking, or hiking.

Michael VonHasseln (VC Missouri—Cape Girardeau, Blog Team) is a grognard; he’s played role-playing games since he was first inducted into the world of Greyhawk by his older brother at the age of 10. He’s run Pathfinder since the first Alpha test and started Pathfinder Society Organized Play in his region at the request of the owner of his local gaming store way back in Season 0. He has served PFS first as a volunteer, then as a Venture-Lieutenant, and is now a veteran Venture-Captain with over a hundred games run under his belt. He is a father of five, grandfather of three and pet to one cat, yet STILL makes time to organize play in his region in five locations.

Scott Young aka GM Lamplighter (Former VC- Winnipeg Canada, Blog Team) has been GM’ing and playing tabletop RPGs since there was only on RPG in existence. He founded the Manitoba Pathfinder Lodge in 2010 after discovering the Pathfinder RPG and PFS, and served as its first Venture-Captain, stepping down in 2014. Scott is an aspiring scenario authour, and was privileged to write “The Blakros Job” for Paizo, a PFS quest which was part of the Grand Convocation at PaizonCon 2011. In addition to gaming, Scott plays drums and bass, creates science center exhibits and planetarium shows, builds 3D gaming terrain, and blows stuff up in the name of science education. At home, he works on being a good husband, father, and servant for his wife, his two daughters, and his cat, respectively. Despite a slight resemblance, he is NOT that guy from Mythbusters, nor is he Neil Young’s dad.

Venus De Coy aka Lady Ophelia (4 ¾’s Star GM — Sacramento, CA) Venus, many days wishes she was not the youngest person in her community. Starting with 2ed D&D and Shadowrun, she came upon Pathfinder at the beginning during the Year of The Ruby Phoenix thanks to Organized Play. As a result of the fervor of the realm she resides in, she got heavily involved by organizing multiple conventions and maintaining a PFS Area of her own until Aug 2013. She remains an active and infamously outspoken member of the Society to date despite her self-proclaimed “Retirement” from the Coordination Life. When not being a Pathfinder Society Member, she is actively involved in her local church Parish, loves to cook, drink a pint with her friends, and writes for many gaming related projects including Wayfinder, NeoExodus, The Medusa’s Guide To Gamer Girls, and Kronea, her own personal Campaign Setting for the Pathfinder RPG System.

Tabletop Journalist:

Robert “Beazy” Beasley:

Robert has been gaming for nearly fifteen years with AD&D 2E being the progenitor of his adventuring career and eventually moving on to third edition.  Weighing anchor in Tampa, Florida, he discovered Pathfinder during an overseas deployment in 2009 and familiarized himself with it’s many intricacies, taking the results from the desert back home to his home group.  After a few years running with the system, he began his delve into the world of Pathfinder Society Organized Play.  With the support of his fellow Pathfinders who acknowledged his love of the game and dedication to the cause, he was press-ganged into the fleet of Kristie Schweyer, the Pirate Queen of Florida, and given the rank of Venture-Lieutenant.  Serving in her ranks for a year before his separation from the Air Force, he helped PFS flourish in his region, eventually turning over several stores to his fellow Venture-Officers and resigning his position to focus on family and friends.  Moving to Milwaukee, he began pursuing a career in tabletop journalism and has published several interviews with prominent individuals via Gamerati.  He now brings his talents to our site with the singular goal to make this the best PFS resource website on the Internet.

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