Chroniclers Welcome: How to Contribute to the Blog

As it was Thanksgiving week last week the Paizo blog was pretty light, so no blog summary this week. Instead, I want to talk about the site and blog a bit.

We first put the site together as a resource for the greater Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign, both players and GMs. We noticed there were a lot of questions repeatedly coming up on the Paizo message boards: who are our Five Star GMs? How can I get in touch with the PFS running in another city/country? What other resources are there for PFS on the web? We’ve answered all those questions on the site, and we’ve tried to make ourselves a useful stopping point for Pathfinders wanting a more casual look at the campaign.

On the blog side of things, we’ve tried to make our posts useful to you whether you play, GM, or both. Based on reader feedback I’d say we’ve succeeded for the most part, and you can take a stroll through our many posts and see if you agree. I love that our posts are written by fellow Pathfinders, people who are as enthusiastic about the hobby as you and I. I think it speaks to the passion and creativity that exist in our corner of the hobby, and I enjoy working with our volunteer writers.

Which brings me to the most important point I want to make today: you can write for the blog. Yes, you, the person reading this right now. Our writers write for us because they asked if they could, simple as that. No magic initiation, no unattainable criteria or skill set. They wanted to write, so they write.

So if you’ve ever had an idea for an article about Pathfinder Society, or even the Pathfinder RPG in general, dust it off and submit it. You can submit the entire article, or just send me a query and see if it’s something we’d like to see (Spoiler: probably). I take a look at everything that comes in, and I’ll contact you to talk about your submission or idea. There is an editing process, because we want the work which appears on the blog to be great. But the editing process, much like the process if you submit to Wayfinder, is designed to help you be a better writer. I enjoy working with new writers, so I’m happy to help you learn (and learn from you, which thankfully still happens).

While we talk about the blog, I wanted to remind you all that we are accepting questions about Pathfinder Society Organized Play for a new weekly series of articles about the hobby. The questions can be about anything: rules, table etiquette, character builds. Anything you might have pondered about our hobby. If we pick your question, our crack team of Venture Officers and veteran PFS members will answer it in a weekly post on the blog. If we get a lot of questions we might even post more than one a week.

There you are, two ways you can get your voice heard on the blog. I look forward to seeing those questions and/or submissions roll in! And tune in next week for the return of the Paizo Blog Summary.

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