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Boxed Text: The Weekly Paizo Blog Summary

Another week, more Boxed Text! Let’s dive right in… As we discussed in our look at Know Direction’s PFS episode, factions are changing in Season 6. Monday‘s post form Mike Brock gave us more details on this change, with a look at two factions: Andoran and Cheliax. Both factions have found reason to split from their respective nations, but their reasons couldn’t be more different. With characters in both factions, I’m looking forward to where this takes them as the […]

Boxed Text: Weekly Paizo Blog Summary

[Editor’s Note: Welcome to the first of what we hope will be a useful feature on the site. We had the idea for doing this from the very beginning of, but with one thing and another it fell by the wayside. We’re going to try it out, and we hope you’ll let us know in the comments whether you find it useful. Thanks! -Brent-] We get it, you lead a busy life. School, work, Pathfinder games…okay, mostly Pathfinder games. […]