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500 Likes Contest Winners!

First, I want to thank everyone for getting us up and over 500 Likes on Facebook. Since the contest we have even topped 600 likes! Your enthusiasm is the reason this contest happened. As I said before, keep spreading the word; we have some pretty cool things planned for contests down the line. But now, on to our three winners, as chosen by the staff! Second runner up, and winner of one of the four elemental race boons [Ifrit, […]

Know Your Nations: The Nation at the Center of the World, Part One

Greetings lovely Pathfinders! Lady Ophelia here, sharing with you my wisdom and knowledge about the many realms of Golarion, and how they affect you the Pathfinder! These next two weeks, we will be going deep into the land of Absalom! Which to all Pathfinders, is acknowledged as “Home” or the “City in the Center of the World”. Writer’s Note: This is part one of a Three-Part Series concerning all things Absalom. Tune in over the coming weeks as we complete […]

Boxed Text: Weekly Paizo Blog Summary

[Editor’s Note: Welcome to the first of what we hope will be a useful feature on the site. We had the idea for doing this from the very beginning of, but with one thing and another it fell by the wayside. We’re going to try it out, and we hope you’ll let us know in the comments whether you find it useful. Thanks! -Brent-] We get it, you lead a busy life. School, work, Pathfinder games…okay, mostly Pathfinder games. […]

Pathfinder Society Season Summary – Season Two

A Chronicle of the Pathfinder Society’s exploits during the adventuring season from the First of Arodus in the year 4710 (by Absalom Reckoning), through the Thirtieth of Erastus, 4711 A.R., prepared by Chronicler Thaddeus Lamplighter, Pathfinder. [This is a player-friendly, spoiler-free summary of the events which occurred during Season Two, the so-called “Year of the Shadow Lodge”. Blue text like this is out-of-character!] During the last months of the year 4710 by Absalom Reckoning, events were in motion which would change the Pathfinder Society […]

Facebook 500 Likes Contest

We said there would be a contest when we hit 500 Likes on Facebook! You guys helped us crush that number within hours of the announcement, and we couldn’t be more grateful. So as promised here’s your chance to win some cool loot: Pathfinder has some great blog posts. We want to know which of these posts is your favourite and why. Tell us in 100 words or less. You can post your responses in the comments below, or […]

Know Your Nations: Taldor

Greetings lovely Pathfinders! Lady Ophelia here, sharing with you my wisdom and knowledge about the many realms of Golarion. What they are like, and how they affect you the Pathfinder who may be going into the country on a mission. Our next country on the lineup is Taldor, known as the “Decadent Empire”. History and Geography: Taldor is one of the oldest countries in Golarion. Major geographical features act as natural boundaries between the empire and its neighbours. To the north […]