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Product Review: Blood of the Elements

Player Companion: Blood of the Elements is a great book for those of us that have gotten some of the GM Race boons in the past year from running games at cons. This is a great book with many alternate racial abilities, new archetypes, magic items, and new spells. We are going to go over some of the new stuff in this book we think will be of use to the Pathfinder Society players in general.   Ifrit: Ifrit get […]

Weekly Paizo Blog Summary for July 14

Another week, another Paizo Blog summary for your reading convenience. A bit light on the blog this week, but that’s to be expected the week after PaizoCon. Let’s dive in! Monday brought with it Part 4 in the Faction Evolution series, with a look at the future of the Qadiran and Sczarni factions. A not unexpected development, and I’m looking forward to the ‘strange bedfellows’ situations which could arise, especially among the new faction’s leadership. Our next look at Advanced […]

Running Season Two Scenarios – for GMs (SPOILERS!)

This article is for GMs only, and contains many spoilers for scenarios and the overall plot. Reading this is considered the same as reading the scenarios before playing them, and must be declared to the GM as per the Guide to Organized Play.   The scenarios of Season Two are the hardest to integrate into a current PFS campaign because they deal with the Shadow Lodge meta-plot, a long-running campaign of betrayal and corruption, the results of which are already common knowledge. […]

Character Creation: The Crunch

When creating a character for PFS, many of the questions you would usually ask the GM have already been answered for you in the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, or on the Additional Resources page on the Paizo website. This can actually make character creation faster and easier, especially because most of the options that Paizo publishes are legal for play. As always, the first step is to come up with a character concept. Concept Though there are some […]

Weekly Paizo Blog Summary for July 7

Welcome, Pathfinders! This past weekend was PaizoCon (as if you didn’t know), so this week’s Paizo blog summary is naturally full of updates and snippets from that. But let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start! Monday brought us Faction Evolution, Part III, with a look at the changes ahead for the Taldor and Osirion factions (players should be aware of some slight spoilers for some Season 5 material). John Compton hinted at some of these […]

The More Things Change…

The Pathfinder RPG is based on the 3.5 version of the World’s Oldest Role-playing Game, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely the same. There are many differences unique to the Pathfinder RPG system which makes it stand out from its predecessor. The Conversion Guide covers quite a few of these and is available as a free download at This article will address three specific changes, and how they impact Pathfinder Society Organized Play. The first mechanical change I want […]

Know Your…Con Etiquette!

You’re at PaizoCon and you want to do it all! Great! Now take a deep breath. Done? Good, let’s talk about con etiquette. You want to have the best time possible at the convention, which is great. But so does everyone else. If you keep these simple etiquette tips in mind, not only can you have a good time yourself, but you make everyone else’s experience better as well. Hygiene and Health – Shower every day. Eat at least one […]

Know Your….Convention Planning!

Greetings Pathfinders! This week, Lady Ophelia is on leave from Know Your Nations, and instead her normal counterpart Venus, is posting a fun bit about convention travelling! (Don’t worry; Lady Ophelia will be back next week to continue the Know Your Nations series.) If you are planning on GMing at PaizoCon, there is a lot to consider. So below are some tips to help you be prepared! Paper vs. Electronic Paper: Easier to carry, can lose or get messed up, and […]

Boxed Text: The Weekly Paizo Blog Summary

Another week, more Boxed Text! Let’s dive right in… As we discussed in our look at Know Direction’s PFS episode, factions are changing in Season 6. Monday‘s post form Mike Brock gave us more details on this change, with a look at two factions: Andoran and Cheliax. Both factions have found reason to split from their respective nations, but their reasons couldn’t be more different. With characters in both factions, I’m looking forward to where this takes them as the […]

From the Field: Know Direction Episode 87 Highlights

It’s no secret the staff here at are huge fans of the Know Direction podcast. If you love Pathfinder I highly encourage you to click the link and let the dulcet tones of Ryan Costello Jr. and Jefferson ‘Perram’ Thacker wash over you. They seem to like us a bunch, too; since we started up our little project they’ve supported us with numerous shout-outs on the show. Last week’s episode (#87 for those keeping track at home), featuring an […]

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