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A Few Gentle Reminders In Time for Gen Con

Greetings, Pathfinders! For Gen Con, we were going to put together a a post similar to the one we did for PaizoCon. Then I realized two things. One, if you went back to that article and substituted Gen Con for PaizoCon, you’d be on the right track. And two, the really important bits could be better summed up by two posters courtesy of John Kovalic of Dorktower and Munchkin fame.   I think that says it all. Enjoy Gen Con […]

The GM’s Path: Why Should You GM?

Recently in my region, I had a lack of PFS Game Masters. We were still getting tables put together, but it was always the same small group of folks stepping up to run tables. As much as we all love GMing, myself included, it is easy to get burned out if you go too long. To avoid losing the GMs we had, we needed to find players willing to step up to a new role. As part of that search, […]

Pathfinder Society – Season Three Summary

A Chronicle of the Pathfinder Society’s exploits during the adventuring season from the First of Arodus in the year 4711 (by Absalom Reckoning), through the Thirtieth of Erastus, 4712 A.R., prepared by Chronicler Thaddeus Lamplighter, Pathfinder. [This is a player-friendly, spoiler-free summary of the events which occurred during Season Three, the so-called “Year of the Ruby Phoenix”. Blue text like this is out-of-character!] The Pathfinder Society is a group of explorers, scholars, and treasure-seekers who recover lost knowledge from sites across Golarion. As such, […]

From the Field: 3 Tips for Con-going on a Budget

With Gen Con fast approaching and convention season in full-swing, I thought it might be useful to talk a bit about con-going on a budget. I think conventions are one of the best parts of the table-top gaming hobby, exemplifying everything we love about our shared passion. But many people stay away from conventions because they think it will cost a ton to attend. And yes, with that much geekery packed into an enclosed space, the temptation to “GET ALL THE […]

GM Perspective: Three Quick Tips

Whether you’ve just started as a PFS GM or have been at it a while, there are always ways to make your life easier, and spruce things up at the table. As someone who does a fair-to-moderate amount of GMing, I want to pass along three quick tips I use to make my table run a little smoother and add a bit of colour. These are all simple ‘fixes’ that anyone with a computer and printer can do; plenty of […]

Know Your Nations: The Nation at the Center of the World, Part Two

Lady O’s Personal Note: This written episode uses information from a variety of sources (see below), but has been synthesized into a player-friendly, spoiler-free format. GMs should be assured that none of this information removes the need for Knowledge checks to identify locations and places in Absalom. This is information Pathfinders would have learned in training, but whether they remember that information when it counts is based on their Knowledge checks. Enjoy! The Large Seminar Room in the Pathfinder Society […]

Character Creation: The Fluff

When creating a character for PFS, many of the questions you would usually ask the GM have already been answered for you in the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, or on the Additional Resources page on the Paizo website. This can actually make character creation faster and easier, especially because most of the options Paizo publishes are legal for play. As always, the first step is to come up with a character concept. Concept Last time we looked at […]

Paizo Blog Summary for July 21

Welcome, Pathfinders! Another week closer to Gen Con, another Paizo Blog summary. Let’s get stuck in. In case you thought the faction changes were the biggest Organized Play news, Monday proved you wrong with the announcement of new races (kitsune, nagaji, and wayang) being added to PFS, and old races (aasimar and tiefling) hitting the showers. Needless to say there is a bit of controversy among the membership over the decision. I definitely fall on the side of liking the change; […]

Blog Poll, with PRIZES!

Hello, Pathfinders! It’s your friendly neighbourhood editor, Brent, and I have some questions for you. has been growing its audience, which is very exciting for us. It seems more and more people are stopping by every day, and we couldn’t be happier. But I want to know a little bit about how folks got here, what they like and don’t like, and what they’d like to see. So I made a very short questionnaire, just so I could collect […]