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Paizo Blog Summary for October 13

I’m luxuriating at home this Monday, enjoying Canadian Thanksgiving and the long-weekend it grants me. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you, gentle Pathfinders, or the Paizo blog. No, modern technology means I can post this and sleep in. Truly we live in a Golden Age. With last week’s release of The Silverhex Chronicles Quests, Monday saw John Compton reminding us all about the Open Call for quest submissions. If you’ve ever wanted to write for Paizo, this is one […]

Reports from the Field: Slow-cooker Slaw Stew

Since I shared my recipe for Qadiran Cockatrice, I’ve received a few messages asking for more ideas for healthy gaming food. It seems there are more than a few of you who want quick, easy alternatives to Doritos with a side of Mountain Dew. Since I’m still plugging away at the Venture Officer’s Kurgess’ Challenge, I’m happy to oblige. So I thought I’d share a quick and easy recipe my group enjoys, and one that I love making on busy […]

Pathfinder Society – Season Four Summary

A Chronicle of the Pathfinder Society’s exploits during the adventuring season from the First of Arodus in the year 4712 (by Absalom Reckoning), through the Thirtieth of Erastus, 4713 A.R., prepared by Chronicler Thaddeus Lamplighter, Pathfinder. [This is a player-friendly, spoiler-free summary of the events which occurred during Season Four, the so-called “Year of the Waking Rune”. ] The ancient empire of Thassilon once stretched across much of western Avistan, encompassing the area of modern-day Varisia as well as land which is […]

Know Your Nations: Osirion

Greetings lovely Pathfinders! Lady Ophelia here, sharing with you my wisdom and knowledge about the many realms of Golarion, and how they affect you the Pathfinder who may be going into these lands! Our next country on the lineup is Osirion, known as the “Land of The Pharoahs”! History and Geography: The history of Osirion dates all the way back before the Earthfall. (When stuff fell from the sky and landed in modern day Numeria.) Pharaohs ruled as gods on […]

Reports from the Field: Qadiran Cockatrice

At Gen Con, a bunch of the Venture-Officers realized something: if we played ourselves as characters in PFS, none of us would be ‘rules as written’ when it came to the maximum weight for humans, according to the Core Rules. We decided to do something about that, and created a contest for ourselves (Kurgess’ Challenge) to encourage us to get healthier. I’ll post details about the challenge later, but part of that is looking at ways to eat better; less […]

Know Your Nations: City at the Center of the World, Part Three

We continue our Know Your Nations lecture about Absalom Proper. After 10 minutes pass like sand through an hourglass, a chime brings the room naturally back to their seats and Ophelia returns to her place at the podium.  “Hello again Pathfinders. I am pleased to see all of you sharing your notes and hopefully adding a few additional notes of your own. However we are not quite done, so if you would turn to page 33, we will continue the […]

Three Vlogs for the Busy Pathfinder

We all have things going on which cut into our game time; work, school, more work. It can be hard finding time to play/GM PFS, never mind the time to prepare for that play. I’ve felt the crunch myself, and I’ve found that vlogs, or video blogs, can be a great way to find information and instruction without adding to my reading load. I’ll usually pop them in as I’m working on other things, and I can absorb the information […]

For the GM: Brent’s GM Carry

(Editor’s Note: Since I have recently returned from the Gamer’s Mecca that is Gen Con, and again, got in discussions with fellow GMs and players about what I carry when I’m ‘working’, I thought I’d reprise this article I posted to my own site about a year ago. A few things in here, like the Critical Hit and Fumble decks, are not useful for PFS. But overall I think it’s a helpful look at a decent GM kit. Hope you […]