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Paizo Blog Summary for December 9

Another light week on the Paizo Blog, but ’tis the Season and all that. Paizo is busy wrapping things up before the start of 2015, so blogging is understandably taking a lower priority. Still, there were a few things, including an important post yesterday, so let’s get started. Last Monday, John Compton checked in with us on the recently closed Occult Adventures play-test. By everything I’ve heard the play-test was a success; I know there were a number of players […]

Chroniclers Welcome: How to Contribute to the Blog

As it was Thanksgiving week last week the Paizo blog was pretty light, so no blog summary this week. Instead, I want to talk about the site and blog a bit. We first put the site together as a resource for the greater Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign, both players and GMs. We noticed there were a lot of questions repeatedly coming up on the Paizo message boards: who are our Five Star GMs? How can I get in touch […]

Paizo Blog Summary for November 24

Good morning, Pathfinders! Welcome to another amazing week of Pathfinder Society goodness. A lot to cover so let’s jump right in. Monday brought big news to the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign, as Mike Brock brought us a pretty comprehensive list of changes coming to the Society. If you haven’t looked at it yet I suggest you do so, because big shifts in how the campaign is set up are on the way. These changes have come as a direct […]

State of the Blog and Moving Forward

Things have been quiet around the blog lately, no question. A bunch of us around here have been dealing with big, sometimes annoying but sometimes not, life stuff. If you’ve dealt with life stuff, you know how time consuming it can be. The good news, for you and for us, is that the life stuff seems to have settled. We are ready to get back to the business of blog posts, so expect to see those regularly starting next Monday. […]

For the GM: Keeping it Spooky!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Halloween! I won’t say it’s my favorite holiday (that title goes to any holiday resulting in a long weekend) but it’s certainly a close second. And it’s the perfect time for me to give you three tips to add spookiness and tension to your PFS game. These tips assume you have some control over your environment, if you’re GMing at a store your mileage may vary. Set the tone early – There’s a […]

Paizo Blog Summary for October 28

Late? Me? No. No, no, no. Yes. In my defence, I got sick immediately after completing the 24-hour gaming challenge that was Extra Life 2014 (you can still donate by the way). But that’s not really an excuse, so let’s get right to it. On Monday John Compton talked some details regarding Quest submissions, and gave some great advice regarding future submissions. Worth a read if you are in any way planning to write for Paizo. Tuesday saw another in […]

From the Field: Slow-cooker Roast Beast

When you’re a busy GM with a gaming group trying to eat healthier, the slow cooker is your best friend. Need a meal at 6pm but you work until 5? No problem! Pitch all the ingredients into the slow cooker before you leave for work, set it, and you’ll have a hearty stew waiting for you. I’ve even used it to cook up a pasta sauce; when I got home I either tossed the pasta right into the slow cooker, […]

Paizo Blog Summary for October 20

It was a short posting week on the Paizo Blog, so this will be a short summary. But don’t worry, I’ve found some other tidbits of interest to a growing Pathfinder. On Tuesday, John Compton released the “Pathfinder Tales, Volume 5” Boon for PFS. If you devour the Pathfinder Tales novels like I do, this is a fantastic way to get some cool little bits of flavor for your characters. And the best part? Read every novel associated with the […]

From the Field: Healthy Chips and Dip

(Editor’s Note: You guys have responded really well to these recipe articles, so here’s another one. If you have a recipe you want to share, send it through the submission page and we’ll share it with everyone.) Replacing junk food at the gaming table with healthy, home-cooked options is a big part of my group’s attempt to game healthier. But let’s face it, sometimes you want chips and nothing else will do. When that craving strikes you can still make […]

From the Field: Themed PFS Game Days

An entire day or two devoted to Pathfinder Society can serve a number of functions in your area. You can use Game Days to immerse new players in the Society; as a special event, possibly launched by the playing of one of the Specials; or as a way to catch some players up on scenarios they’ve been wanting to play, but haven’t made it onto the schedule at your regular events. Whatever the reason you run a PFS Game Day, […]

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