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Paizo Blog Summary for September 1

September already, Pathfinders. You know what that means, we start the slow slide into winter. Luckily you’ll have these Paizo blog summaries to keep you warm. Let’s begin: Monday started with a little PFS catch-up from John Compton, regarding the sanctioning of the Emerald Spire and The Mummy’s Mask. As well, he presented an important piece of art which was missed from a scenario; very important to the current season. Touted as a perfect companion to your Iron Gods campaign, […]

For the GM: Brent’s GM Carry

(Editor’s Note: Since I have recently returned from the Gamer’s Mecca that is Gen Con, and again, got in discussions with fellow GMs and players about what I carry when I’m ‘working’, I thought I’d reprise this article I posted to my own site about a year ago. A few things in here, like the Critical Hit and Fumble decks, are not useful for PFS. But overall I think it’s a helpful look at a decent GM kit. Hope you […]

Paizo Blog Summary for August 25

Welcome, Pathfinders! Another week, another summary. As you might expect the week after Gen Con, pickings were light on the blog. Let’s dive in! Wednesday brought a preview chapter from the upcoming Pathfinder Tales novel Reign of Stars, by Tim Pratt. The novel sees the return of Pratt’s characters Alaeron and Skiver as they take on an investigation for the Technic League. This novel should tie in nicely with the Year of the Sky Key for PFS, and provide a […]

Paizo Blog Summary for August 18

As I put this post together, it is 5:30am on the Monday after Gen Con. Whew! What a great weekend, so much gaming goodness. I’ll post my own recap later in the week, but for now let’s dive in to the Paizo blog summary. Not surprisingly, most of it involves Gen Con… But first we start with Monday‘s announcement of the Season 6.0 Guide to Organized Play. Some pretty important changes to note, so if you don’t read the Guide […]

A Few Gentle Reminders In Time for Gen Con

Greetings, Pathfinders! For Gen Con, we were going to put together a a post similar to the one we did for PaizoCon. Then I realized two things. One, if you went back to that article and substituted Gen Con for PaizoCon, you’d be on the right track. And two, the really important bits could be better summed up by two posters courtesy of John Kovalic of Dorktower and Munchkin fame.   I think that says it all. Enjoy Gen Con […]

Paizo Blog Summary for August 12

I’m on the road to Gen Con, which is why the summary is coming to you a day later than normal. Who knew getting reliable internet coverage on a Greyhound bus travelling through northern Ontario would be a problem? Anyway, the delay has allowed us to add a bit of a bonus at the end, so it’s all good. Jumping ahead to Tuesday (see, we aren’t the only ones who had a problem with Monday), We saw the last of […]

The GM’s Path: Why Should You GM?

Recently in my region, I had a lack of PFS Game Masters. We were still getting tables put together, but it was always the same small group of folks stepping up to run tables. As much as we all love GMing, myself included, it is easy to get burned out if you go too long. To avoid losing the GMs we had, we needed to find players willing to step up to a new role. As part of that search, […]

Paizo Blog Summary for August 4

Greetings, Pathfinders! As Gen Con (or as I call it, Gamer Christmas) draws ever closer, how are you preparing for the convention? Will you attend, or are you going to experience Gen Con through our friends over at Know Direction? Either way, tell us you’re getting ready for the con. Let’s see what was cooking on the Paizo Blog last week. Monday brought very important missives from the new faction heads for Pathfinder Society play. If you haven’t yet, you […]

From the Field: 3 Tips for Con-going on a Budget

With Gen Con fast approaching and convention season in full-swing, I thought it might be useful to talk a bit about con-going on a budget. I think conventions are one of the best parts of the table-top gaming hobby, exemplifying everything we love about our shared passion. But many people stay away from conventions because they think it will cost a ton to attend. And yes, with that much geekery packed into an enclosed space, the temptation to “GET ALL THE […]